Promoting a Going Out of Business Sale

I grew up in a small, rural community. Because I didn’t have access to many different retail establishments in my hometown, I usually shopped at the same two or three ones every week. When one of these stores went out of business, I was often sad because I often knew the people who owned and operated the retail establishment. However, I always enjoyed buying nice items at a steep discount at going out of business sales. Are you planning an upcoming going out of business event? If you will soon close the doors to your business establishment, consider striving to make a huge profit on your final sale. On this blog, you will discover the best marketing techniques for advertising a going out of business sale.

6 Ways To Celebrate Employee Anniversaries With Custom Embroidery


Having a stable set of employees is ideal for any business. To help celebrate, motivate, and show appreciation, it's a good idea to recognize the milestone achievements that your employees reach while working at the business. Celebrating employee anniversaries like 5 years, 10 years, and longer can be done with more than just verbal recognition. You have the ability to reward an employee with a number of embroidered products. The following six products can be custom made to feature your company logo and personalized directly for an employee.


One of the more basic design options is a t-shirt with custom embroidery. An embroidered patch can feature a detailed design of the company logo. Underneath that, you can add custom embroidery like "5 Years Strong" or the employee's name. To add to the celebratory nature of the shirt, you can allow the employee to "dress down" and wear the shirt in lieu of the traditional uniform on specific days.


An anniversary blanket is a great keepsake that employees can showcase in their living room or even have folded and framed. The base of the blanket can feature your company logo. An embroidered section of the blanket is ideal for the employee's name, their anniversary number, and a message of congratulations. This section is typically reserved for the corner of the blanket.

As an alternative, you can also consider small hand towels or golf towels to feature the embroidered text.


Custom embroidery looks great on a hat and there are a number of ways you can choose the design. There are multiple hat sections where you can place different types of text. For example, the front panels of the hat can feature your company logo. The side panel can feature monogrammed text like "10 Year Anniversary." As an alternative, you can feature a large anniversary number on the front panel of the hat with the company logo added to the back sweatband.

Select hat colors that match your company's brand or go with a neutral color like black.

Hoodies & Jackets

If the anniversary occurs during the colder months, then you can consider purchasing a custom hoody or jacket. The various designs are great to wear over a standard uniform and can also help represent the company while the employee isn't working. Just like other custom embroidered products, you have the ability to mix screen printing designs with the actual embroidery. This allows you to print a company logo on the back of hoodies while adding custom embroidery to the front chest area.

The jackets you can choose from include basic cotton zip-ups or a lighter nylon spring jacket. The embroidered text can be featured on the pockets, sleeves, or chest areas of the design. By visualizing the design and working with a company, you can plan out as much as possible.


Instead of giving an exact product, you can give the employee a little leeway in choosing what to do with their anniversary product. Custom patches are easy to design and manufacture. Patches have a long history of symbolism, recognition and pride, including use in NASA, branches of the military, and private groups. You can have different patch designs printed for multiple work anniversaries. As the employee spends more years with the company, they can accumulate collections of these patches and choose what to do with them.

Because of the small nature of the patches, you have the ability to afford and hand them out on an annual basis. This means that employees can collect the embroidered patches for each year they are working.


If your company is more casual and fun, then you should consider a custom embroidered jersey. A large patch can feature your company logo in the bottom left corner of the jersey. This is similar to the design of an official NBA jersey. The large printed number on the jersey represents the number of years that the employee has worked there. For example, a large "05" would represent five years.

If you choose to have printing done on the back of a jersey, you can easily add the name of the employee for a nice extra touch.

As you plan out these special gifts, try to keep them a surprise so employees will be truly honored when they receive the gift and are recognized for their hard efforts. For more about this topic, follow the link.


8 September 2015